End-of-semester CoDE lab update

24 May

A lot is happening in the CoDE lab! Here are some updates on what everyone has been up to this spring and what we are planning for the summer!

Marion Hartl

This semester, Marion spent seven weeks in Tel Aviv to work in the lab of our collaborator Adi Stern on improving accuracy of sequencing methods for HIV patient samples. She very much enjoyed being in a country where being a vegetarian is the norm rather than the exception.


Melissa Luk

Melissa is graduating this semester with a Major in Cell and Molecular Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. She is very excited to move to UC Davis next semester to start a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science concentrating on DNA track. She enjoys spending time with her nephew, Gabriel.


Farheen Ghiasuddin

Farheen is graduating this spring with honors as a Physiology Major and a Chemistry Minor. She is planning to take her MCAT soon and then apply for med school in New York. This semester Farheen enjoyed watching The Flash!


Dwayne Evans

Dwayne presented a poster about his graduate research at the CoSE Showcase. He made a lot of progress with his R coding skills this semester. He is preparing to teach a hiphop class soon.


Patricia Kabeja

Patricia is graduating this spring with honors as a Physiology Major and a Chemistry Minor. She is planning to take her MCAT soon and then apply for med school on the East Coast. This summer Patricia is going on a medical mission in Jamaica. Patricia’s favorite character in Game of Thrones is Khaleesi.


Julia Pyko

Julia spent most of this semester interviewing at various medical schools across the country. She received many offers but has not yet selected where she will spend the next 4 years. Her current interests are neurology and OB/GYN. She is getting married this summer and is excited to have all her dogs under one roof again!


Olivia Pham

Olivia will start a Master’s in the fall (in the CoDE lab!) and she got accepted in the prestigious RISE program. Olivia presented a poster at the CoSE Showcase on the work she did as part of the Microbial Genomics class this semester. Olivia plans to learn to play the drums this summer.


Kadie Williams

Kadie presented her research at the CoSE Showcase, and won 4th place in the Graduate Life Science category! Congrats Kadie!! She is the co-founder and president of the Biology Student Council.  Currently enjoying her time working on her prospectus and research.


Dasha Fedorova

Dasha is the president of the MEDLIFE chapter at San Francisco State. She has planned a trip, along with her chapter, to go volunteer in Lima, Peru in June. On this trip, she will be setting up health clinics for low-income communities, as well as helping with various developmental projects. She is graduating Fall 2016, and will be taking the MCAT and applying to medical school shortly after.


Sidra Tufon

Sidra is graduating this summer as a Physiology Major and a Chemistry Minor. This is her last year of having the title of a fundraising officer for SFSU’s MEDLIFE chapter. She is planning to take her MCAT next April and then applying to med schools for the next cycle. She will also work as a medical assistant while gaining clinical exposure in medical offices this fall. This summer she plans travel to Cabo and Miami with her friends and family as a graduation treat.


Austin Lim

Austin left the lab early during the spring semester because he found a full time job in a microbiology lab! Congrats Austin!



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