CoDE Summer Program 2016 Update

21 Jun

Hi Everyone!

Here’s an update about the summer Code Program! Now in week 3, I think everyone is feeling a little bit more comfortable with coding.

In week 1, we worked on a problem set that included vectors, plotting, and rbind/cbind and in week 2, we went through a HIV problem set. This week we’ll be working on some data about ant colonies (Click here to read more about the data: small scale spatial structure of ants of the species Temnothorax longispinosus)!

Also, it has been very nice having socials with Rori’s and Scott’s lab (the other computational labs on campus). We have tried to get together for lunches more and we just had our second social with snacks!

Last Wednesday in the first session ….

We read this press release chosen by one of our students, Christine:

Then we followed up on the press release with the primary article:

We talked about Figure 1 and the use of DNA sequences versus amino acid sequences and the pros and cons how using either in analysis. Then we broke up into two groups and the students worked on the methods section… one group was to explain what Whole exome sequencing was and the other what RT-PCR was.

You can see the picture attached of the two post-it poster 🙂


After lunch…


DJ did a mini lecture following up on ‘for loops’ from the day before and the ability of writing your own functions in R. Stuff that we have learned and seen in the R book!


Now we are all just working independently! I think the students are learning a lot and are open to asking questions when they need help.


Here is a picture of some of the students in the program!


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