CoDE Lab students: good news all around!

14 Jun

Kadie-Ann Williams (graduate student in the CoDE lab) won a Graduate Distinguished Achievement Award!


Keith Bowman, Pleuni Pennings, Kadie Williams, Teaster Baird, Blake Riggs.

Christine Fu, Abdul Alrefaie and Danny Posadas graduated with a B.S. degree!

Danny got accepted in pre-med post-bacc certificate program at UCSF,  Christine is studying for the MCAT and Abdul got accepted in a Master’s Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Georgetown University.

Deshawn Hopson and Gabriella Tenorio accepted in NIH funded research programs.

Deshawn was accepted in the MARC program (Maximizing Access to Research Careers) and Gabriella was accepted into the REU program (Research Experience for Undergraduates). They will keep doing research with me.

Dwayne Evans and Olivia Pham supported by RISE and Genentech fellowships.

Dwayne and Olivia are planning to defend their Master’s one year from now. They both have funding for the coming academic year, which allows them to focus on their research.


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