The CoDE lab is looking for a postdoc

13 Dec

Position Type:

NSF funded postdoc position at San Francisco State University to work with Dr Pleuni Pennings in the CoDE lab on fitness costs of mutations in HIV.


Lab website:

Position Description:

I am looking for a postdoc to work on a project funded by NSF, in collaboration with Dr Adi Stern (Tel Aviv University) and Dr Robert Shafer (Stanford University). The goal of the project is to estimate the fitness costs of mutations in HIV, which will help us understand how the virus evolves and which parts of the HIV genome are most important for the functioning of the virus. All wet lab work for this project will be carried out in Tel Aviv, so in San Francisco I am looking for someone who is interested in doing the programming, the statistics and the writing.

Requirements: PhD in Biology or related field.

Other preferred qualifications:

I am looking for someone with experience and interest in several of the following domains: evolution, virology, bioinformatics and statistics.

The preferred candidate will also have an interest in / experience with one or more of the following: teaching, working with students from groups who are traditionally underrepresented in research, outreach (e.g., writing, social media, video).

The preferred candidate will have experience with writing clear / understandable scientific prose as evidenced by a writing sample.

Why this is a great opportunity:

You will be part of an extremely diverse department of biology.

You will be working on an exciting project that bridges virology and evolutionary genetics.

You will be able to contribute to training of students of diverse backgrounds.

You will get the opportunity to work with people at Stanford and Tel Aviv University (including trip to Tel Aviv).

If you are interested to collaborate with people at Stanford, UCSF or UC Berkeley, I will encourage that and help set up contacts.

In the CoDE lab, you will work in a supportive environment where research is important, but papers are never more important than people.


Funding is available for at least three years. Appointment will be for one year initially, but will be extended for up to three years if expectations are met.

How to apply:

Send a 1-2 page cover letter, your CV, a recent paper (or draft) written by you, and names and email addresses for three references to Only pdf’s please!


I will start looking at applications from January 4th 2018 and hope to hire as soon as possible after that.

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