Lab News Spring 2018

13 May

This past month, a lot of great things have happened in the lab! Time to share with the world:


Dwayne Evans

Dwayne Evans, our grad student who works on Prep and drug resistance, is finishing up his Master’s as quick as he can so that he can move to Boston this summer to start a PhD at Harvard!


Ryan Fergusson

Ryan Fergusson, who joined the lab this semester as a grad student, won an NIH-RISE fellowship, which will support him for the next 4 semesters as he works on his Master’s thesis and prepares for PhD applications.



Gabriella Tenorio

Gabriella Tenorio, one of our undergrad researchers will spend the summer at the Jackson Labs in Maine as an REU student, and when she comes back she will be supported by an NIH-MARC fellowship.



Ryan Winstead

The other Ryan in the lab, undergrad researcher Ryan Winstead, who is part of our CpG team, won an NIH-RISE fellowship that will support him starting this summer. He also won an honorable mention at the Cose Poster Showcase for his desktop app on cell imaging.


Sarina Qin

Sarina Qin, another undergrad research on the CpG team, will graduate this semester with a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology. Sarina will take some time after graduation to decide on her next steps.



Deshawn Hopson

Deshawn Hopson, an undergrad researcher who works on the interactions between drugs and their resistance mutations will graduate with a BS in physiology. Deshawn plans to apply for medical school.


Emily Fryer

Emily Fryer, Gabriella Tenorio, Ryan Winstead and Stuart Castenada (future grad student in the lab) will all complete the 5 CS classes that make up the PINC program, which will allow them to graduate with a minor in Computer Applications in addition to their major in Biology.

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