I am an evolutionary biologist and work on the evolution of drug resistance in HIV. I want to understand what determines the rate of evolution of drug resistance, so that we can find ways to halt the evolution of drug resistance.

Before switching to HIV, I worked on ants, sympatric speciation and soft sweeps. I also write and tweet and make video’s.

If you have questions or would like to discuss an idea, feel free to drop me a line (pennings at!

My complete CV is here: Pennings_CV_2013_1 

Mini CV

Since September 2014: assistant professor in the Biology Department of San Francisco State University.

November 2012 – August 2014: postdoc with Dmitri Petrov at Stanford, project partly funded by HFSP.

June 2010 -Oct 2012 : postdoc with John Wakeley in the OEB department at Harvard, working on HIV drug resistance, project funded by HFSP.

2009 – 2010: postdoc with Susanne Foitzik on ant population genetics project funded by the German Science Foundation.

2006 – 2009: coordinator of the “Munich Graduate Program for Evolution, Ecology and Systematics” funded by VolkswagenFoundation.

January 2007: defended PhD thesis titled “Models of Adaptation and Speciation” (awarded highest grade: summa cum laude).

2003 – 2006: PhD in Joachim Hermisson‘s group at the University of Munich (LMU).

1999 – 2003: worked in the field of science education and started own company “De Praktijk”.

1994: switched to University of Amsterdam to study biology.

1993: started undergraduate studies in Aberdeen, Scotland.

1975 – 1993: grew up in Castricum on the coast of The Netherlands.


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