Undergraduate Students



Caroline Solis

Caroline Solis

Major: Biology with a concentration in Zoology
Year: Senior
About me: I’m a transfer student who enjoys board games, horseback riding, camping, exploring new places, and spending time with family and friends back home whenever I get the chance.
If I had unlimited resources I would research: I’m not sure exactly yet, but I do know that it would revolve around veterinary research, coding, and community outreach 🙂

Emily Fryer


Major: Ecology 
Year: Senior (Final Semester)
About Me: I like cats, plants, food and going to the gym with Olivia! I will be applying to PhD programs this Fall, wish me luck!
If I had unlimited resources I would research: I would study the adaptive advantages of polyploidy in plants!


Gabriella Tenorio


Major: Microbiology
Year: 5th-year Undergraduate
About me: I am a native San Franciscan. I enjoy eating and making desserts, creating crafts such as 3D Origami & cross-stitching, and watching movies while cuddling with my Goldendoodle, Gibson.
If I had unlimited resources I would research: Personalize medicine. It will interesting to explore how various treatments can have an effect on patients with different genotypes for the same disease.


Geo Pineda


Major:  Cell & Molecular Biology
Year: 5th
About me: First generation college going
If I had unlimited resources I would research: I am interested in doing research that combines my backgrounds in public health and biology


Jasmeen Kaur


About me: 
If I had unlimited resources I would research: 


Ryan Winstead


Major: Microbiology
Year: 3rd year undergraduate
About me: I’m from Fontana California. I love video games and sunshine.
If I had unlimited resources I would research: Id Cline myself on to a computerXD


Sarina Qin


Major:  Cell and Molecular Biology
Year: 4th year undergraduate
About me: My favorite animal are turtles and I like the color green
If I had unlimited resources I would research: I have no idea what I would research.


Graduate Students


Anjani Pradhananga


Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Year: MS 2nd Year
About me:
If I had unlimited resources I would research:  

Olivia Pham


Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Year: MS 2nd year
About me: I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes!
If I had unlimited resources I would research: new drug therapies for different diseases. Since the development of new drugs and improved versions takes a lot of time and money and sometimes don’t pass the clinical stage, that’s why I would like to find new methods and techniques to cut the cost and time to deliver new drug therapies to different patients.


Ryan Fergusson


Major:  Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
Year:  1st year MS Graduate Student
About me: I am a population geneticist. As an undergraduate, I researched marine invertebrate biodiversity in the Philippines using CO1. I have yet to actually go to the Philippines, however I hear that it’s lovely. My interest in computational biology led me to the work of Dr. Pennings where I will be building on my skills as a geneticist by using R and Python to analyze the genetic tendencies of populations. Furthermore, I love to explore! My spirit of adventure is what drew me to science and biology. My scientific mentors are David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau.
If I had unlimited resources I would research: The population shifts of the marine benthic communities at latitude 0 (North Pole) due to the impact of climate change


Stuart Castaneda


Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Year: Graduate Student
About me: I’m from Porterville California. I like to play magic the gathering, video games, and DnD during my free time. I currently want to pursue a career in Bioinformatics to further study HIV.
If I had unlimited resources I would research: HIV to find better treatments or even a cure.


Victoria Caudill


Major: Evolution, Ecology, Conservation Biology
Year: 1st year MS Graduate Student
About me: I enjoy arts and crafts. I also enjoy solving puzzles.
If I had unlimited resources I would research: If I had unlimited resources I would research the long term effects of stress on the human body. I would especially like to look into how stress on college students effects them later in life.


Postdoctoral Fellows


Kaho Tisthammer

About me: I love coral reefs and am fascinated by all marine creatures!
If I had unlimited resources I would research:  I’m interested in adaptation and bridging the phenotype-genotype gap. I’d love to pursue to decode the mystery of our complex genomes.



Dwayne Evans

Deshawn Hopson

Kadie Ann Williams

Danny Posadas

Abdul Majid Alrefaie

Christine Fu

Patricia Kabeja

Sidra Tufon

Kristof Theys (Fall 2015)

Marion hartl (Fall 2015)

Austin Shi-Kai Lim

Julia Pyko

Melissa Luk

Dasha O Fedorova

Farheen Ghiasuddin

Catherine Borror (Spring 2015)

Rosana Callejas (Spring 2015)

Christopher Condry (Spring 2015)

Jia Qi Jacky Fang (Spring 2015)

Lizette Guzman-Zaragoza (Spring 2015)

Brendan Kusuma (Summer 2014)

Devan Shah (Spring 2015)

Pedro H. Zorzanelli da Vitoria (Summer 2015)


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