When I give a talk about my work on drug resistance in HIV, I often get a lot of general questions about HIV and AIDS – mainly during the coffee break. It seems that many people are interested in HIV/AIDS. Here are some books and a movie about HIV, AIDS and HIV/AIDS research. All of them are highly recommended!

Impure Science: AIDS, Activism, and the Politics of Knowledge by Steven Epstein. This is a book about what happened in the world of HIV/AIDS research during the first decade of the AIDS epidemic.

And the band played on by Randy Shilts, a classic about the AIDS epidemic in the USA.

The epidemic by Jonathan Engel about the AIDS epidemic worldwide.

Movie: How to survive a plague by David France about AIDS activism in the 80s and first half of the 90s. This documentary was nominated for an Oscar in 2013.

In 2012 there was a special issue on HIV/AIDS in the USA in Science. This is great if you are interested in the current situation in the USA.

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 2.35.32 PM

Carl Zimmer wrote a nice little book about viruses


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    […] I wanted to add a new page on to my website about books on HIV/AIDS. The new page is now here. I recommend three books and a movie on HIV/AIDS. Each of them is great, but if you are a […]

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